Basic Rules Of Handheld Electronic Poker Game

If you have never played a hands off poker game before then this article is for you. I will be explaining to you the basic rules, and tips that will help you become a better player and at the same time improve your hand-holding skills.

handheld electronic poker game

The basic rules of the handheld electronic poker game are fairly simple, you start off by laying out two decks of cards each. The object of the game is to get as many pairs as possible without having to use your last card. There are no other special rules that you need to understand to play this game, the basic rules are pretty much the same as every other type of poker game.

Once you have put your two decks face down you begin to lay out the pair of cards, you can then choose to either play for the pot, or simply lay down your hands to reveal your cards. There are two options. If you choose to play for the pot, and you do not want to reveal your hand, then you can always “call” on your turn. However, you must wait until your opponent has called before you will be able to bet. If you do decide to bet, the game will continue until one player has left with all his/her cards in the deck, and the other player has a single card left to play.

Another option you have is to lay down your hands and show only your hands. This option is also great because if you find that you are having trouble making the right calls or have an incorrect hand it will be easier to identify what you have. You should always try and stay calm while playing this type of game, and it will pay off. If you are upset during the game, or if you are having a bad day you are more likely to quit playing, so do not take it out on your opponents or friends. It’s okay to lose sometimes, but it’s not okay to feel too much resentment when it happens.

When you lay down your cards you will be given a certain amount of time to make a decision on what you are going to do with your hands, you will also be given two minutes to either make a call, or a raise depending on which way you choose. Once the timer hits zero you will have to start over again and try again, this will continue until you are done with the game. Once you are through with the first round, then the second game begins and the rules will be the same, except that now you will play with the top card to reveal your cards.

If you choose to call you will get to keep your hand, and if you choose to fold you will get to keep your hand and keep the top card. If you fold you play a high hand you will receive a penalty.